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Musik: Vervsjömarschen (Hälsning från döda timmerkörare)

KompositörerCarl Gudmundsäter
Abc-uppteckningTranscribed to ABC by Anders Bladh from handwritten original copy of 1948 (Copyright), trills could be better, there are more slurs and more dynamics, ritardando dont appear, some 1/16 notes in beginning doesnt appear grace in this parser, wrong rythm to long "grace" notes in part A. Part B and C looks ok. Find on webbfiol to get right rythm of the drills.
SkivorSR Radioprogram, archive Webbfiol, listen to get the right rythm (part A).
HistoriaInspired by work in the woods in winter with horse and slade by Carl Gudmundsäter (1897-1964). Probably written 1948, parts from 1944 or earlier.
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