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2000 Scandinavian tunes to add

I maintain an English-language archive of 2000 Scandinavian Tunes at

A few years ago I coordinated with Nils Liberg and put up about 100 tunes as a test case. Most of them are still on FolkWiki. Now I am about to produce ABC versions for all 2000 tunes. The links and headers in the tunes I shared are stale and should be replaced, and I have 1900 more to add.

While I can give FolkWiki 2000 PDF tunes, I assume it would rather have 2000 ABC versions instead. I would like to talk to someone (offline if necessary) before just overwhelming this database. I intend to look up all potential duplicates first, of course, but even so...


  1. 1 Header content (I can send an example of my proposed ABC tune header. If there is particular content that would be helpful for FolkWiki, such as the FolkWiki tune number, now is the time for me to include that, before all 2000 ABC versions are created.)
  2. 2 Extent. The BlueRose archive is primarily Swedish but includes a significant portion of Norwegian, Danish, and (Swedish area) Finnish tunes. Does FolkWiki want those?
  3. 3 Composers. Many new Scandinavian tunes are written by non-Scandinavians, esp. Americans. Does FolkWiki want those?
  4. 4 Midi, MP3, and PDF links. Each ABC file from BlueRose includes links to PDF and possible Midi and MP3 versions (from workshops, not commercial recordings), in ABC F: fields. How can FolkWiki users see that information?
  5. 5 Is FolkWiki still maintained? I see obvious spam in the forum topics, there seems to be little discussion, and I have been unable to contact Nils Liberg via any email address I can find, since last working with him in 2009.

Could someone managing the site please contact me directly by email?


Karen Myers,

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